Thursday, 14 February 2008

Sunday 10th February

On Sunday 10th February 8 interested parties met for a river walk to determine a stretch of the Erewash suitable for the project. The river was walked from Trowell to Sandiacre. The river was slightly up and coloured, but very encouraging none the less. No fish were seen, but the river appeared to be an excellent habitat for them.

A section of river in Trowell has been selected as a possible site for restoration work, this was chosen for it's meandering nature, over hanging tree shade, and good flow. The river here is a mixture of riffles, pools, and glides. Access is easy via public footpaths from the nearby main road. There are however 2 negative points: the close proximity of the M1, which is good reminder of the urban nature of the river, the second being the neighbouring water treatment works which discharges "clean" water into the Erewash. A plus point is that the Nut Brook flows into the Erewash here, and is known to contain a small population of Brown Trout. Talks have begun with the landowner for access to the river, talks have also begun with the Environment Agency about the cleanliness of the river, and for future plans about the project. The Wild Trout Trust have also been approached about an Advisory Visit, and a possible grant towards the project.

A group has been formed to coordinate the restoration, at this stage it has been called "The Erewash Fly Fishers".