Sunday, 26 October 2008

Carry on up the Nutt Brook

Earlier this week myself and Trugg (and his faithful hounds) took a walk alongside a potential spawning tributary of the Erewash; the Nutt Brook.

The Nutt brook flows above ground for about 1/4 mile before it disappears underground to reappear besides the derelict wastegrounds around the Stanton ironweeks. The brook has obviously been engineered by the hand of man in recent years, but withstanding this, has greatpotential as an area for trout to carve out their redds and spawn; in short an ideal nursery ground for the wild trout of the Erewash. There is a lot of work to do to achieve this, but this is achieveable.
Trugg has already asked for ideas on what we should do on a couple of obstructions in the brook. But it doesn't look too bad as is. I spotted a chub just upstream of the 2nd blockage Mick took a photograph of. Typically I soon as I mentioned the chub to Mick, it hid under some debris and Mick couldn't see it at all!
Whilst walking the brook some rises where also spotted, where these the rises of trout?
Rumours have been heard of trout from the Nutt brook, but as yet these rumours have yet to be confirmed. Do any of you have photos that could prove the existance of trout in the Nutt brook, or even the Erewash?
There is more to come from the Erewash Restoration project, watch this blog, exciting times are ahead!